Giving Back To The Baton Rouge Community

The Baton Rouge area is a beautiful one but not everyone is thriving in the community. There are many people who could use assistance. Their needs are often very basic, such as food and clothing, but unfortunately, not all people in the community assist. If everyone in the community gave back in one way, it would be a better place for all. If you have the means, you should donate to your local Baton Rouge community and encourage others to give back with you. Use these ideas to get you started. 

  • Donate blood. Whether you go to a local blood bank or participate in a blood drive, give blood as often as you can. Just one pint of blood can save three lives. Imagine how many you could save if you gave blood a few times per year.
  • Donate food. Your local food banks provide food to people who cannot afford it otherwise. They do not always have enough food, though, for the community. Donate non-perishable food to your local food bank to help out.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter. Not only do shelters need supplies, but they also need help getting the work done. If you have time to volunteer, make some time to volunteer for your community.
  • Donate old clothes. If you were planning on just throwing them away anyway, put them to better use by donating them.
  • Donate money. If you do not have time to do any of these things, you can always donate money to a local cause or charity.

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