How to Prep Your Boat After Months of Storage

There are two important processes you’ll put your boat through every year. The first is winterization, the next is dewinterizing the boat. Once you are ready to take the boat out of storage and set sail onto waters both salt and fresh, you need to follow through with these different steps. At Cordell Insurance, we understand how important boating is to you, whether you live in Baton Rouge, LA or really anywhere else around water, which is why we want to help you protect your boat for as long as possible. 

Change the Fluids and Check the Battery

Before turning the key on the ignition, you need to change the engine oil and filter, same as you would any car that has been sitting in storage for several months. Once you have the oil changed and ready to go, check over the battery. Clean off the connectors and make sure all the wires are in top shape. Last thing you want is for the battery to die on you while out on the water. 

If your system uses antifreeze, make sure to flush the antifreeze before applying new coolant to the engine compartment. It is always best to start off the year with new fluids all the way around. 

Examine the Exterior

The best way to do this is while washing the boat. Hand washing the boat allows you to touch every inch of it, so you can notice dings, scratches or other problem areas you might need to address. Make sure to focus extra attention on the underside of the boat and around the engine. Also, if you use the boat in salt water, make sure to rinse it off every time, otherwise you’ll be forced to deal with rusting.