Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

Whether you will be away for a few days or a number of weeks, you should get your home prepared before you leave on that much needed vacation. There are a few smart ideas you should follow to avoid any stress during your time away.

Hold newspaper and mail deliveries. Contact your local newspaper company and post office to have those deliveries stopped during your vacation. If mail or papers pile up on your doorstep, thieves may take advantage and realize that there is no one at home.

Have a night timer. Use a timer that will automatically turn your lights on in the evening and then turn them off when you would normally go to bed. This will deter anyone that is lurking in your neighborhood.

Clean the refrigerator. Remove any perishable items that will spoil. Milk, vegetables, and leftovers can be removed and thrown out before you leave. When you return from your vacation, you can relax without having to tackle this situation.

Take care of the laundry. Wash the laundry the day before you leave. It doesn’t take long for mold and mildew to buildup. Wet towels and clothing could become damaged in a short amount of time. If you take a shower the morning you leave, hang the towels and washcloths up to dry.

Don’t forget your plants and pets. Ask a neighbor to water your plants and feed your pets. If you have small reptiles or aquatic animals, such as lizards, fish, or frogs, give your neighbor a strict feeding schedule. For larger animals, select a boarding facility that will care for your creature while you are gone.

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