Getting Your Home Fall Ready

Getting your home ready for fall is an important process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Baton Rouge, Louisiana doesn’t see very low winter temperatures, but there are still steps you need to take to get your home fall-ready.

Check your roof. To get on top of roof problems, you can use binoculars to conduct an inspection from the ground and hire someone to clean your gutters. You can also use a ladder and clean your gutters while inspecting your roof if you prefer to do it yourself.

If you have a fireplace, it needs to be inspected every fall. Creosote buildup can cause a fire hazard, so you will want to check your flue with a flashlight. If you find build up over 1/8 of an inch thick, it’s time to get it cleaned. While you are checking the flue, you should also make sure that there is nothing blocking it near the top. If you have a wood stove, you will need to check your flue in the same manner. You also want to make sure that your damper is working properly, and inspect your fireplace and chimney for any signs of damage. 

Check your windows and doors for cracks and drafts. Your windows and doors can let in lots of cold air if they aren’t sealed properly. These gaps can cause a 10% increase in your energy bills. You can hold a candle up to your windows and doors to check for any drafts and conduct a visual inspection. Replacing weatherstripping or caulking the area should prevent any drafts.

While you are getting your home ready for fall, you should also take a look at your home insurance coverage. Cordell Insurance can help you with your insurance needs. Call Cordell Insurance today to make sure your home is fully protected this fall.