What Isn’t Usually Covered in a Homeowner’s Policy

You own a home in Baton Rouge, LA. That’s awesome! While you undoubtedly have at least some form of insurance for your property, it’s all too easy to just sign the paperwork without really knowing the depths of your coverage. In that spirit, Cordell Insurance has listed a few instances of things that are usually not covered in a standard policy.

Natural Disasters

This is a tricky topic because what is and isn’t covered varies by policy and region. The general rule of thumb is that earthquakes, floods, and mudslides are not covered by a standard homeowner’s policy. Even this can change if you’re in a high-risk area, but you should never assume that these are included. In most cases, if it’s a concern, you can add coverage for any of these instances.


When major damage is caused by something included in your policy, you can count on the policy to do its part in getting problems fixed. This does not, however, apply to routine maintenance. Seasonal routines like changing air conditioning filters or winterizing pipes are not part of your insurance plan. Uncovered issues also include clogged drains, faulty appliances, rust, pest problems, mold, rot and general wear and tear. The insurance plan is there to protect you from calamity, but the responsibility of normal care still falls on the shoulders of the homeowner.

Personal Liability

It is not at all uncommon for a policy to cover you in the case of third-party injuries. In fact, you should double check and make sure you have at least some of this coverage because you never want to be fiscally responsible for injuries that happen on your property. There is another side of personal liability, though, and it doesn’t fall under the umbrella of a homeowner’s policy. This is the side of personal liability that relates to defamation, slander and the like. For the most part, there aren’t many insurance policies for homeowners that would cover these issues, but if you want to dig deep, you can always talk to your Cordell Insurance representative to see what might be available. Living in Baton Rouge, LA can often be an adventure after all.