Getting Ready for the Summer Boating Season

For recreational boat owners in Louisiana, springtime is a great time. It is the time to remove the boat cover and get the boat ready for summer use. Each boat owner should have a checklist to follow for annual maintenance requirements that include such things as changing the oil, getting new fuel, checking the operating systems, and making sure there is an adequate amount of safety equipment and floatation devices. Maintenance may also include giving the engine a tune-up, changing spark plugs, making sure the engine runs smoothly, and that the tires for the boat trailer are inflated properly.

Another important consideration is to make sure the boat insurance coverage is adequate and up-to-date. That is easy to accomplish. All you need to do is contact your agent at Cordell Insurance, serving the Baton Rouge, LA area, to make sure the insurance coverage is adequate and in force. It is important to do this before taking the boat out of storage.

Be sure to inform your insurance agent if you plan to take on paying customers as passengers for fishing trips and so forth because that creates a different commercial insurance requirement. Also, if you have made or plan to make any upgrades and/or renovations to your boat, be sure to explain your plans to your insurance agent. Any investments made in upgrades should also be considered for updated insurance coverage.

Be sure to understand that boat insurance coverage is not only for when the boat is on the water. It is also important for when the boat is stored and when it is in transit on the public roads. Many accidents happen to boats when they are being pulled on a trailer in regular road traffic.

Have your agent at Cordell Insurance, serving the Baton Rouge, LA area, give you an insurance review and ask them about what happens for any damages caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes. They will be happy to explain all the details to you and look for places where there may be gaps in insurance coverage, which can be remedied. Contact them today to get ready for a safe and secure boating season.