Why every Baton Rouge, LA business needs umbrella insurance

No matter how big or small your business may be, it is important that you have a comprehensive umbrella policy in order to protect your interests. Commercial insurance offers the protection that you need in the event that your business suffers a loss that affects your cash flow or your ability to continue serving the needs of your customers or clients. With your base policy, you may still be vulnerable to financial responsibility in the event that your claim exceeds the maximum coverage amount of your primary policy.

The team at Cordell Insurance is proud to serve the insurance needs of the Baton Rouge, LA area business community and ensure that their business and commercial clients have appropriate protection.

3 Top Reasons to Secure Umbrella Insurance for your Company

  • Policy limits – every insurance policy has upward limits to the amount of coverage that they will provide. It is highly likely that your business assets may exceed these limits. When you consider coverage for business interruption or damage or loss to your inventory and equipment, the $250,000 average limit can be reached quite easily.
  • Increased liability coverage – a significant liability case against your business could mean financial ruin for both your business and your personal portfolio. With a supplemental umbrella policy, you can have coverage that provides adequate in the event of an accident or incident.
  • Peace of mind – owning a business is stressful enough without worrying about exceeding your coverage limits. A comprehensive umbrella policy gives you the comfort you need.

Interested in learning more about how a comprehensive umbrella insurance policy can help protect your Baton Rouge, LA area business? Call or stop by Cordell Insurance and our professional agents can review the available umbrella policy options with you.