Making the Most of RV Ownership

Owning an RV is very different from simply owning a vehicle. This means that the insurance for an RV is very different too. To make the most of your RV ownership, it is important to make sure that your RV is well protected. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your RV. 

RV Insurance

In order to get the most enjoyment out of your RV, you will want to be well insured. RV insurance can vary greatly from that of auto insurance, and it also varies from home insurance. Even if your RV is your home, you will want to thoroughly research your insurance options. Deciding which type of insurance you need, will depend on which type of RV you have. 


Motorhomes, which are RVs you actually drive, are required to have at least your state’s minimum auto liability coverage. However, it is always a good idea to have full coverage in order to protect your investment and to protect your own financial security in the event that you also are injured in an accident.  Although it might be possible in your state to drive your motorhome with just an auto policy, you should consider that while you are driving your RV you will likely have belongings with you. Auto insurance will not cover these items in the event of a loss. RV insurance, however, will.

Full Time vs Part Time

The next thing you should consider is how often you use the RV. If your RV is your home, then you will definitely want full-time coverage. This will cover you all year long. However, if you only need coverage for part of the year, then you will want to go with part-time coverage. This type of policy will not be as expensive but still provides what you need. 
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