4 Reasons Flood Insurance Is Ideal in Louisiana

Do you have a concern for your Lousiana home when it comes to flooding? Whether you’re new to the area or haven’t had any flood issues on your property, it’s important to understand that this could become a problem for you one day. Read on to learn why you should have flood insurance in Louisiana.

Protection of Your Property

Not only does flood insurance cover damage to your dwelling but you also can have your belongings repaired or replaced in many instances. This does, of course, depend on how much coverage you have. Find out if surplus lines may be added to your policy in order to help with the cost of losing detached structures, damaged items, and in some cases your additional living expenses.

Flood Insurance Is Required with a Mortgage in Certain Situations

In Louisiana, business owners and homeowners usually are required to have flood insurance if they’re in high-risk areas and they have a mortgage through a federally insured or regulated lender. It’s still a good idea to have it if you’re in the low or moderate risk areas.

Flood Insurance Is Not Covered Under Home Insurance

That’s right, there’s no flood insurance coverage in your average home insurance policy. You would have to seek this out on your own and ask any questions to make sure you’re getting the right coverage to fit your circumstances. Cordell Insurance serving the Baton Rouge, LA area can help with this.

Wide Variety of Options

You may not realize this but flood insurance isn’t just for private homes and places of business. You also can get this coverage for a rental property or a condominium. This opens up coverage to many more individuals and families.

Want to find out more about flood insurance and if it’s right for you? Contact Cordell Insurance of Baton Rouge, LA today and our agents will address your questions and concerns.