Three Tips to Keep Your RV Unit Well Maintained and Protected

Owning an RV is fun, but also, it is a responsibility. Taking it out on epic road trips in Baton Rouge, LA, or elsewhere is just one part of the experience; the other part is where the owner takes care of it for maintenance. If you’re an RV owner or planning to be one, these simple tips can help you better enjoy your RV for longer.

1. Inspect for leaks, and clean and treat your RV’s roof, seals, and slide-outs at least every three months. Your RV is very much prone to natural wear and tear, whether due to frequent use or prolonged storage. While you’re at it, also check the awning; birds sometimes make nests in there.

2. Regularly check engines, batteries, and tires for maintenance and your own road safety. This lets you catch issues that could potentially cause damage to your RV in the long run. Batteries, of course, must be kept charged at all times, otherwise, you risk getting stranded because your RV won’t run. The typical battery lifespan is anywhere from 3 to 5 years, so keep in mind this timeframe to schedule your battery check or replacement, as necessary.

3. Get insurance for your RV because your unit might get more damage than the simple wear and tear. A huge tree branch could hit its windshield or drop on the roof. Rocks and boulders could cause dents, and even tears, on the body. You might forget to secure the handbrake for parking, causing it to roll down and off a cliff, or hit a tree, causing total body damage.

Whatever it is you would want to have insurance coverage from an agency like Cordell Insurance. Get in touch today to find the RV insurance policy that suits your needs best.