How Much Boat Insurance Do You Need in LA?

Baton Rouge, LA sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and many residents own their own boats. Cordell Insurance serves the community with a variety of insurance services for all aspects of life. If you have any questions about boat insurance for your new or used craft or if you are ready to purchase a policy we will be happy to help you out. 

How Much Boat Insurance Do You Really Need? 

Boat insurance in the state of Louisiana is not a legal requirement like automobile insurance is. However, if you are making payments your bank likely requires insurance for their monetary protection during the duration of the loan. So legalities aside, how much boat insurance do you need for your personal protection? This depends on how much you use it, how many people enjoy your boat with you, and what you use your boat for. The more often you use it the higher the risk you assume and the better off you will be if you have insurance to protect you in case of a physical issue out on the waters. If you have many guests on your boat then you will find with just a bit of research that medical costs and liability can endanger you financially if anything happens. And if you use your boat for fishing tournaments, daily travel, or rescue you may need specialized policies to cover your unique situation. A good boat insurance policy will bring you peace of mind on the water and will help relieve your stress if anything bad occurs. 

Cordell Insurance serves Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding areas with insurance services for your boat, home, business, and life. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a policy contact us today.