Does boat insurance cover natural disasters?

A boat is not something everyone can afford in Baton Rouge, LA. Your ability to have a watercraft vessel is a privilege that you cherish every day. In valuing such a privilege, it is important that you maintain the best indemnity policy that covers all incidents, including natural disasters. The agents at Cordell Insurance can help you better understand your boat insurance policy. 

Does boat insurance pay for natural disasters?

A standard boat insurance policy does not pay for natural disasters. You need to add coverage if you want your vessel to be covered in a tornado, hurricane, or fire. 

Many boat owners in Baton Rouge, LA are unpleasantly surprised to learn they do not have enough protection after a natural disaster has destroyed their vessel. Such revelation places these boat owners in a serious financial bind. 

The last thing you want is to have to surrender your dream of owning a boat because you lacked enough coverage to replace the vessel after a natural disaster. It is important, then, to check your current policy to ensure that you have full protection. 

How does protection for natural disasters work?

You do not need to purchase coverage for every natural disaster that may occur in Baton Rouge. Natural disaster protection provides coverage regardless of whether your boat is destroyed by water, wind, or fire. 

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