Do I need Boat Insurance During the Off-Season?

Everyone in Baton Rouge, LA, thinks having boat insurance in winter is a waste of money. Here at Cordell Insurance, we have seen very many boat owners looking to pause their boat insurance during the off-season. There is always an excuse that the boating season only lasts for four months only, but they are required to pay insurance premiums throughout the year. 

Why You Need Boat Insurance During Off-Season?

It is understandable why everyone would be looking to avoid boat insurance in winter. It is obvious that you will be saving money on insurance premiums because your boat is on the doc. However, there are some factors that you need to understand about boat insurance during the off-season. 

The Risk of Theft

Your boat faces the risk of theft throughout the year. That is why you need to make sure that you have your insurance policy year-round. Even when your boat is in the garage, there is a chance that someone might steal it from you. 

Physical Damages

It is obvious that boats get physically damaged when they are in use. This means that you will experience most of the physical breakage during summer. However, in the off-season, your boat can get physical damages. Someone might remove some parts. Rusting is also very common in the off-season because your boat is not getting the attention it requires. 

Adhering to Regulations

It is good that you understand boat insurance laws in your state. Most of the states around the country demand that you maintain your boat insurance throughout the year. Even when your state does not require you to maintain this insurance, it is always good when you have it.

Here at Cordell Insurance, we have been helping boat owners in Baton Rouge, LA, to get boat insurance. Our insurance experts can guide you on how to maintain your boat insurance during the off-season.