Using Umbrella Insurance to Cover Potential Lawsuits

Many a Baton Rouge, LA business has suffered the wrath of lawsuits over the years, many closing down due to excessive and expensive attempts to get compensation. This problem can be quite frustrating and hard to manage without the help of umbrella insurance from Cordell Insurance.

When Lawsuits Get Out of Control

Lawsuits often have a way of getting out of control for many businesses in a way that may threaten closure if they aren’t careful. The reasons for this will vary but may include problems like:

  • A greedy individual trying to get money 
  • Serious injuries that require payments 
  • Long-term damage that needs repairs 
  • Limitations on liability insurance 

Any business that finds itself in this troubling situation needs to reach out to its insurance company to ask about umbrella policies. This option can provide many benefits to those struggling businesses.

How Umbrella Insurance Helps

Umbrella insurance is a type of extended liability coverage that kicks in to pay for lawsuits and other payments. It is instrumental in significant cases where a lot of money is being asked. A good umbrella insurance policy:

  • Kicks in when your liability coverage maxes out 
  • Helps pay off expensive lawsuits 
  • Keeps you from paying out of your pockets 
  • Makes it easier to transition to life after the lawsuit 

These benefits all make a high-quality umbrella insurance policy necessary for many businesses. Some may find that these policies help to protect them against long-term financial damage and other concerns.

Find a Policy That Makes Sense 

If your Baton Rouge, LA is going through a series of potential lawsuits, or you’re worried they could at some point, you need to reach out to us at Cordell Insurance to learn more about your options. Our team will sit down with you and create the long-term help that you need to stay solvent for good.