Do You Live in Your RV? You Need Insurance

While many people love to travel in their RVs, there are actually plenty of people who live in their RVs. If you live in your RV, you may wonder what kind of insurance options you should consider.

Cordell Insurance, serving Baton Rouge, LA, can provide you with additional information regarding RV insurance for full-timers. Here’s what you need to know.

Full-Timers Insurance

Full-timers insurance is a good option if you use your RV as a residence for six months of the year or longer. Full-timers insurance provides protection against many events that are more likely to occur when you use your RV more often than others. This kind of policy provides broad coverage for your RV and the area surrounding it.

Personal Liability

When you get full-timers insurance, your policy will likely include personal liability coverage. This covers property damage and injuries that occur during an accident. Not only will coverage apply when you are in motion, but it will also be in effect when your RV is parked.

Medical Payments

While personal liability insurance may cover some injuries, special medical payment add-ons may cover more serious injuries for those who are injured in or near your RV. This is coverage for those times when you are parked.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your RV coverage may also include comprehensive coverage, which helps when something happens to your RV when you are not driving. For example, if you are parked at a campsite and bad weather damages the exterior of your RV, this coverage may kick in.

Get Personalized Information

The right RV insurance varies from situation to situation. If you live in your RV, you need to protect your home. Cordell Insurance can provide you with more information if you live in Baton Rouge, LA with your RV.