3 Reasons Why You Need Boat Insurance

Many boat owners in Baton Rouge, LA, carry boat insurance, even though it’s not required by law. This is because they’re aware of the many benefits of carrying boat insurance. If you’re planning to buy a boat soon, you should consider calling Cordell Insurance so we can get you a tailor-made policy that covers your needs best.

If you ask our experienced insurance agents in Baton Rouge, LA, why you should get boat insurance, they’ll give you the following reasons.

1. Protect Your Boat

Boat owners who love their boats usually buy full coverage boat insurance. And it makes sense given that quality boats cost top-dollar. Whole coverage policies protect all parts of your watercraft from the bow, hulls, engines, furnishings, built-in equipment, and the stern. With boat insurance, you won’t skip a beat when your boat sustains damage.

2. Boat Insurance Protects You and Your Passengers

For the most part, you’ll sail without trouble. But in the rare chance an accident happens, you and the passengers on board will be covered by your boat insurance. Boating accidents include collisions, onboard slips and falls, and falling overboard.

3. The Best Boat Coverage Insurance Policy

If you decide to use your boat as collateral, your bank will most likely require you to have boat liability coverage, or your loan application may fall through. Additionally, to book a boat slip at a marina, you’ll be asked for boat insurance.

The Best Boat Coverage Insurance Policy

Not all boat insurance policies offer the same coverage. Your boat’s type, size, and age will determine what type of boat coverage is best for you.

At Cordell Insurance, we factor these and other relevant factors to get you the most suitable policy for your watercraft. Call us today and speak with a boat and watercraft insurance specialist.