Auto Insurance and Managing the Auto Shop After an Accident

The law in Louisiana gives you the ability to choose the auto repair business that you want to use to repair your vehicle following an auto accident. You could get a recommendation from your auto insurance company, or contact your auto insurance agency. Cordell Insurance is a good agency that could tell you if they have one that you could use in the Baton Rouge, LA area. You could find out how the insurance provider or your agency knows if the repair company is a good one, too, so that you could make a choice.

You will need to tell the claims adjuster the shop name where they will repair your vehicle, and they would need this information from you and ask you for it. You could get additional information from the Better Business Bureau if this is not included in their process. You could find one in advance, write it down and keep it somewhere so that you could be ready for a problem. 

Get your estimate from the repair company that will include the work they will do, the parts, and the labor cost, too. It would also need to mention that if the repair is more expensive, they would contact you and tell you this. The Louisiana law says that you will pay them and the auto insurance company would pay you first, or you could ask them to pay the repair company, instead. The law, also, requires them to use original manufacturer parts to repair your vehicle. 

If you have questions about how to get your repair or any other information, contact the agency where you get your insurance. You should use Cordell Insurance, in the Baton Rouge, LA area, because they would help you with any questions and give you a great experience.