Why You Should Get RV Insurance Before Your First Roadtrip

When you have an RV, our team of professionals at Cordell Insurance serving Baton Rouge, LA are happy to explain how important it is to cover it adequately for emergencies, disasters, and more. Even if you have yet to take the vehicle for a test drive, it’s never too early to buy an RV insurance policy for your recreational vehicle.

What is RV insurance?

RV insurance is like automobile insurance for a recreational vehicle, also known as an RV. 

What does RV insurance cover?

While every policy is different, RV insurance tends to cover liability, medical, damage, repairs, replacement in the case of theft, and more.

Why should I get RV insurance before I hit the road?

Even if your first road trip isn’t set to start until several months, it is still important to have RV insurance for several reasons. Firstly, even if you don’t drive your RV yet, RV insurance can still be a useful policy to have. In a disaster that damages the RV or theft of a recreational vehicle, RV insurance policies can help cover the costs of fixing or replacing the vehicle so that your plans and finances aren’t disrupted heavily by these unexpected events. 

Additionally, having RV insurance in place when you purchase the RV ensures that the policy will have time for the coverage to start. In some cases, insurance takes time for some or all of the policy’s coverage to kick in. While you may not feel like you need RV insurance today, it’s better to have coverage when you need it than not have it in an emergency.

For peace of mind, call Cordell Insurance for RV insurance in the Baton Rouge, LA area.