What does liability auto insurance cover in Baton Rouge, LA?

Many people only choose to get the minimum required insurance. If you have a loan on your vehicle, the bank holding the loan probably requires you to keep full coverage. However, if you have paid off your vehicle, you may only need to carry liability coverage as state law requires. Cordell Insurance can help you understand what liability insurance covers so you can decide how much coverage is right for you.

Liability Auto Insurance In Baton Rouge, LA

There are two basic components to liability auto insurance in Louisiana: This only applies in accidents where you are at fault.

  1. You are required to carry a minimum amount of coverage for bodily injury that you may cause to someone else in an accident. There is also a minimum amount per accident. 
  2. You have to carry a certain amount of coverage if you cause property damage to someone else’s vehicle.

If you get the minimum coverage required, your coverage could quickly reach your policy’s maximum. You are responsible for paying for anything beyond your coverage maximum.

Other Kinds Of Coverage

As you can see, the minimum amount of coverage is a very small amount of protection. The amount isn’t very much, and it doesn’t cover anything for you at all. Here are just a few of the items not covered by liability insurance:

  • Your own injuries and property damage
  • If you hit a pole or fence
  • If you hit an animal
  • Vandalism or theft 

Even a minor accident could deplete your savings. If you want to explore your options for better protection in Baton Rouge, LA, please call Cordell Insurance today.