4 Keys Areas Covered by Home Insurance

If you have a home or are buying a home in Baton Rouge, LA, one thing you shouldn’t forget is home insurance. While owning a home involves a lot of things, home insurance should not be overlooked. Your entire investment could go down within the wink of an eye if an unthinkable event happened. Fortunately, investing in home insurance from Cordell Insurance can secure your hard-earned home and other areas in case of an unbelievable event.

Home insurance offers protection in many different ways. Let’s look at the areas home insurance covers.

Liability claims

Many things can happen within your premises, like guests being injured or destroyed properties. The cost of treatment or replacement could be huge if you pay from your pocket, not to mention legal fees if you get sued. Home insurance compensates you for such expenses.

Personal belongings

Personal belongings like clothes, furniture, and electronics don’t come cheap. When perils such as fire, theft, or vandalism occur, replacing or repairing these properties can cost you thousands of dollars. Luckily, your home insurance compensates for such incidences.

Home structure

Your dwelling place is probably the main reason most people buy home insurance. The policy rebuilds or repairs your home should a covered peril like fire destroys your home. Your home insurance will also cover the detached structures like a gazebo, fence, or garage.

Additional living expenses

The good thing about home insurance is that it provides you with a temporary living place if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event. For example, the insurance may put you in a hotel and cater for travel expenses.

 Home insurance in Baton Rouge, LA

Your home is a significant investment. Home insurance is, therefore, an investment that you should prioritize. Ready to purchase home insurance in Baton Rouge, LA, and its surrounding area? Get in touch with Cordell Insurance for a quote.

Auto Insurance and Managing the Auto Shop After an Accident

The law in Louisiana gives you the ability to choose the auto repair business that you want to use to repair your vehicle following an auto accident. You could get a recommendation from your auto insurance company, or contact your auto insurance agency. Cordell Insurance is a good agency that could tell you if they have one that you could use in the Baton Rouge, LA area. You could find out how the insurance provider or your agency knows if the repair company is a good one, too, so that you could make a choice.

You will need to tell the claims adjuster the shop name where they will repair your vehicle, and they would need this information from you and ask you for it. You could get additional information from the Better Business Bureau if this is not included in their process. You could find one in advance, write it down and keep it somewhere so that you could be ready for a problem. 

Get your estimate from the repair company that will include the work they will do, the parts, and the labor cost, too. It would also need to mention that if the repair is more expensive, they would contact you and tell you this. The Louisiana law says that you will pay them and the auto insurance company would pay you first, or you could ask them to pay the repair company, instead. The law, also, requires them to use original manufacturer parts to repair your vehicle. 

If you have questions about how to get your repair or any other information, contact the agency where you get your insurance. You should use Cordell Insurance, in the Baton Rouge, LA area, because they would help you with any questions and give you a great experience.

Do I Need Boat Insurance All Year Through?

When it’s summer, and the weather is warm and cozy, it’s the perfect time to get your boat in the water. And this time, you are always up-to-date with your insurance policy because you need to enjoy a worry-free time in the water. Unfortunately, most boat owners cancel their policy when it’s winter, only to reactivate it when summer beckons.

Do you think this is a wise move? As you will find out from Cordell Insurance of Baton Rouge, LA, canceling your boat during the off-season puts your prized asset in jeopardy. Here are the reasons you should maintain your boat insurance all year through.

Risks don’t have an offseason

Yes, you may not be active in the water, but that doesn’t mean your boat is off the hook when it comes to risks. You may have parked your boat in your garage, but perils like falling objects, theft, fire, and natural disasters can still strike.

Given that risks don’t have an off-season, you shouldn’t think about canceling your policy at any point in the year.

Lender requirements

If a lender finances your boat, you may have to carry boat insurance throughout the year. Your lender understands that risks don’t have an offseason, and that is why they will insist you carry boat insurance all year through until you pay off your outstanding loan.

It’s cost-effective

When the temperatures are winding down, you may want to put your boat in dockage or storage. Terminating your boat insurance might seem like the next logical decision. If you think of canceling your boat insurance, don’t because it will cost you more. How? When your boat is stolen or damaged while parked, the repairs or replacement will cost you more than the premium you are trying to save.

Looking for boat insurance in Baton Rouge, LA? Contact Cordell Insurance, and we will help you find the right boat insurance coverage to protect you and your boat.

Why do people in Baton Rouge need RV insurance?

Those that live in the Baton Rouge, LA area will always want to know that they have a safe and efficient way to explore the area. A great way that this can be done is by getting an RV, which offers the chance to drive and sleep in the same vehicle. Along with your RV, you will also need to choose a new insurance plan for several reasons. 

Coverage Needed to Protect Vehicle

One of the reasons that you should have insurance for your RV in this area of the state is that it is a great way to protect your vehicle. Purchasing an RV requires a significant investment and having RV insurance can protect it. When you get this coverage, it will provide you with the support needed to replace or repair your RV following any type of accident or if it is stolen.

Comply with Requirements

You should also get an RV insurance plan to comply with any requirements that you have. Those that want to drive a vehicle in Louisiana will need to carry liability protection insurance at all times, which will offer support if you are at fault in an accident. You also will need to carry coverage if you have taken a loan out against the RV. Most lenders will require a full collision and comprehensive plan. 

Those that are in the Baton Rouge, LA area will want to ensure that they have adequate insurance support for their RV. Due to the importance of this type of coverage, it is always a good idea to speak with a professional before choosing a new plan. The team with Cordell Insurance can always help you build a plan that will meet your needs. Cordell Insurance will help you assess your situation and give you personalized guidance to ensure you choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance and How Does It Work?

Insurance plans are designed to protect you from certain risks, especially scenarios in which you are held liable for damages. Of course, insurance policies will only cover the expenses you have endured up to a certain amount. More often than not, this leaves you paying out of your own pocket. Cordell Insurance wants to share information about umbrella insurance with Baton Rouge, LA residents.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella insurance policy is often referred to as a personal liability insurance plan. Umbrella insurance is designed to cover expenses that come up in the event you are held responsible for damage that takes place on your property or because of your property, which includes your home, your car, your boat, your RV, or any other object that is insured and covered. 

There are numerous incidents that umbrella insurance covers, including recovery costs for a victim who your dog bites and legal costs associated with legal action someone takes against you after injuring themselves at your home. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance work?

Essentially, you should view umbrella insurance as gap insurance. So, let’s say the liability limit on your home insurance is $350,000 and someone gets injured during a get-together held at your home. This injured individual could sue you for their medical expenses and lost wages. Depending on the situation, these expenses could very well exceed $350,000. As soon as the costs reach the limit of your home insurance policy, an umbrella policy will kick in and cover the expenses. 

Everyone does not need to invest in an umbrella insurance policy, but there are numerous advantages to having one. For more information, contact Cordell Insurance, your local insurance company serving the Baton Rouge, LA area.

6 Terms to Know Before You Get Life Insurance

Staying Protected During Difficult Times

Life insurance can be extremely helpful insurance to have especially as you age. It helps your loved ones with different aspects of life in the event you have an untimely death and they are left with bills and other expenses. 

The agents at Cordell Insurance located in Baton Rouge, LA have helped many of our clients to better understand their life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Terms to Know

Here are some of the common life insurance terms you need to know:

  • Policyholder – Policyholders purchase life insurance and may be insured with it, though they are not necessarily covered by it.
  • Premium – This amount paid will keep your life insurance policy active. If a premium is not paid, you will lose coverage.
  • Life Assured – This is the person who is covered by an insurance policy. Policyholders may purchase insurance for spouses or family members.
  • Riders – These are special types of life insurance products that are added to a base policy. They can help provide coverage for things like critical illness cover.
  • Grace Period – Grace periods are the amount of time you have to pay your premium before you lose coverage. Companies grant different amounts of time for grace periods with a typical time frame of 15 to 30 days.
  • Exclusions – There are certain incidents that are not covered under your life insurance policy. It is important to discuss this with your agency when you are purchasing life insurance.

Quality Life Insurance in Louisiana

Contact us at Cordell Insurance of Baton Rouge, LA to discuss your life insurance options with one of our knowledgeable agents. We are here to serve the Baton Rouge community with the best life insurance products on the market.

What are the state minimum auto insurance coverage for Louisiana?

All Louisiana drivers are required to carry the state minimum insurance coverage in order to legally drive within the state. Each state has its own requirements for state residents. Louisiana requires all drivers to carry liability insurance to avoid fines and other consequences for operating a vehicle without the minimum insurance requirements. Our Baton Rouge, LA team at Cordell Insurance is dedicated to helping Louisiana residents acquire the auto insurance coverage they need to legally drive in the state.

What are Louisiana’s Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements?

In order to legally drive in the state of Louisiana, all drivers must carry the minimum liability insurance in the amounts of 15/30/25 liability limits. These amounts include $15,000 in bodily injury coverage per person and $30,000 in coverage for more than one person per accident. The minimum liability requirements also include $25,000 for damage to another vehicle or property. All drivers within the state of Louisiana are required to cover these minimums, if not more, in order to legally operate a vehicle within the state. 

Our Cordell Insurance team is committed to educating Louisiana drivers on the state minimum insurance requirements. However, we are also committed to helping drivers get more coverage if they need it. We are here to ensure that our Baton Rouge, LA drivers get the best coverage possible. However, this starts with meeting Louisians’ state minimum auto coverage requirements. If you have questions or need coverage, give us a call. We’re standing by. Our insurance agents can discuss your auto insurance needs and guide your decision-making process when it comes to auto insurance coverage. 

3 Reasons Why You Need Boat Insurance

Many boat owners in Baton Rouge, LA, carry boat insurance, even though it’s not required by law. This is because they’re aware of the many benefits of carrying boat insurance. If you’re planning to buy a boat soon, you should consider calling Cordell Insurance so we can get you a tailor-made policy that covers your needs best.

If you ask our experienced insurance agents in Baton Rouge, LA, why you should get boat insurance, they’ll give you the following reasons.

1. Protect Your Boat

Boat owners who love their boats usually buy full coverage boat insurance. And it makes sense given that quality boats cost top-dollar. Whole coverage policies protect all parts of your watercraft from the bow, hulls, engines, furnishings, built-in equipment, and the stern. With boat insurance, you won’t skip a beat when your boat sustains damage.

2. Boat Insurance Protects You and Your Passengers

For the most part, you’ll sail without trouble. But in the rare chance an accident happens, you and the passengers on board will be covered by your boat insurance. Boating accidents include collisions, onboard slips and falls, and falling overboard.

3. The Best Boat Coverage Insurance Policy

If you decide to use your boat as collateral, your bank will most likely require you to have boat liability coverage, or your loan application may fall through. Additionally, to book a boat slip at a marina, you’ll be asked for boat insurance.

The Best Boat Coverage Insurance Policy

Not all boat insurance policies offer the same coverage. Your boat’s type, size, and age will determine what type of boat coverage is best for you.

At Cordell Insurance, we factor these and other relevant factors to get you the most suitable policy for your watercraft. Call us today and speak with a boat and watercraft insurance specialist.

Do You Live in Your RV? You Need Insurance

While many people love to travel in their RVs, there are actually plenty of people who live in their RVs. If you live in your RV, you may wonder what kind of insurance options you should consider.

Cordell Insurance, serving Baton Rouge, LA, can provide you with additional information regarding RV insurance for full-timers. Here’s what you need to know.

Full-Timers Insurance

Full-timers insurance is a good option if you use your RV as a residence for six months of the year or longer. Full-timers insurance provides protection against many events that are more likely to occur when you use your RV more often than others. This kind of policy provides broad coverage for your RV and the area surrounding it.

Personal Liability

When you get full-timers insurance, your policy will likely include personal liability coverage. This covers property damage and injuries that occur during an accident. Not only will coverage apply when you are in motion, but it will also be in effect when your RV is parked.

Medical Payments

While personal liability insurance may cover some injuries, special medical payment add-ons may cover more serious injuries for those who are injured in or near your RV. This is coverage for those times when you are parked.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your RV coverage may also include comprehensive coverage, which helps when something happens to your RV when you are not driving. For example, if you are parked at a campsite and bad weather damages the exterior of your RV, this coverage may kick in.

Get Personalized Information

The right RV insurance varies from situation to situation. If you live in your RV, you need to protect your home. Cordell Insurance can provide you with more information if you live in Baton Rouge, LA with your RV.

Using Umbrella Insurance to Cover Potential Lawsuits

Many a Baton Rouge, LA business has suffered the wrath of lawsuits over the years, many closing down due to excessive and expensive attempts to get compensation. This problem can be quite frustrating and hard to manage without the help of umbrella insurance from Cordell Insurance.

When Lawsuits Get Out of Control

Lawsuits often have a way of getting out of control for many businesses in a way that may threaten closure if they aren’t careful. The reasons for this will vary but may include problems like:

  • A greedy individual trying to get money 
  • Serious injuries that require payments 
  • Long-term damage that needs repairs 
  • Limitations on liability insurance 

Any business that finds itself in this troubling situation needs to reach out to its insurance company to ask about umbrella policies. This option can provide many benefits to those struggling businesses.

How Umbrella Insurance Helps

Umbrella insurance is a type of extended liability coverage that kicks in to pay for lawsuits and other payments. It is instrumental in significant cases where a lot of money is being asked. A good umbrella insurance policy:

  • Kicks in when your liability coverage maxes out 
  • Helps pay off expensive lawsuits 
  • Keeps you from paying out of your pockets 
  • Makes it easier to transition to life after the lawsuit 

These benefits all make a high-quality umbrella insurance policy necessary for many businesses. Some may find that these policies help to protect them against long-term financial damage and other concerns.

Find a Policy That Makes Sense 

If your Baton Rouge, LA is going through a series of potential lawsuits, or you’re worried they could at some point, you need to reach out to us at Cordell Insurance to learn more about your options. Our team will sit down with you and create the long-term help that you need to stay solvent for good.