Six Things That Make Baton Rouge, Louisiana So Remarkable

The second largest city in the state, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a remarkable place to live and work. It is a terrific place to do business and recreational opportunities abound. Here are just six of the things that make Baton Rouge so remarkable.

  1. As the capital, the State of Louisiana is the area’s largest employer with over 22,000 employees. That is more than twice the amount of the city’s second largest employer.
  2. In terms of tonnage shipped, the Port of Baton Rouge is the 9th largest port in the United States.
  3. There are only two other state capitals located further south than Baton Rouge. They are Tallahassee, Florida and Austin, Texas.
  4. The Capital Building in Baton Rouge is the tallest capital building in the entire United States.
  5. Over 40% of the population of Baton Rouge is 24 years of age or under.
  6. There are over 13,000 hotel rooms and 900 restaurants in Baton Rouge.

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How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol is a sight you have to see whether you are a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana or you are visiting with your family. Full of history and mystery, touring the building will definitely help you increase your knowledge about Baton Rouge. Before you embark on your trip, it’s important that you have the right amount insurance coverage on your auto. How much auto insurance do you need? The following outlines considerations you should make to ensure you have enough coverage.

Coverage for At-Fault Accidents
In 2009, nearly 33,000 people died as a result of a car accident in the United States. Additionally, there were over 2.2 million injuries sustained as a result of an accident. With the odds of being in an accident increasing each day, you must have enough auto insurance to cover the cost of the worst scenario happening—vehicular death. Although your auto insurance covers minimums established by the state of Louisiana, legal monetary settlements often include repairing the car, covering medical costs, paying a penalty for the accident and loss of wages. On average, the legal settlement for a car accident is $19,806. If you are involved in multiple accidents in any given year, you may have to cover some of the costs if you do not have enough insurance.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage
Collision and comprehensive insurance coverage helps repair or replace your car when you are not at fault. These coverage options help when your car is damaged by a tree, stolen or vandalized. If you have a new vehicle, the cost of repairing or replacing your car can be enormous, so you want to speak with one of our local agents to ensure that you have enough insurance coverage to get you back on the road.
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