Flood Insurance in Louisiana

Even if you’ve lived in Louisiana for just a year, you know how important flood insurance is. With tidal waters rising and hurricanes hitting the coastline, being protected from rising waters can make all the difference. There are a few different aspects of flood insurance, and understanding this is crucial for getting the right coverage.

Basics of Flood Insurance

Baton Rouge, LA flood insurance is a necessary expense for area homeowners. Here are some of the aspects of a flood policy:

  • Not the same as water damage: Flood damage insurance only kicks in if an actual flood damages the home. If a pipe bursts, for example, that is not covered.
  • It’s a separate policy: If you’ve gotten home insurance, it did not include flood coverage. This is a distinct service that you must buy on its own.
  • Variable coverage: Policies cover up to $250,000 in structural damage, along with $100,000 in possessions. You can lower the amount covered, however.
  • It can be expensive: On the coast, flood insurance can be $1000-$2000 annually. But it’s much better to pay that than have to pay for a new home.

Where to Buy Flood Insurance

One of the easiest ways to buy Baton Rouge, LA flood insurance is to contact a third-party agency. They will work with your best interests in mind to make sure you have the right amount of insurance at the best possible price. Because they do not work for an insurance company, they don’t have to worry about making the biggest sale.

Floods are a part of life in Louisiana. Rather than hope it never happens to you, you should buy insurance so you know you are protected. Even if you never have to use it, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry, as the saying goes?

Flood Insurance Quotes