RV Insurance in Louisiana

In Louisiana, there’s always an opportunity to get out, see and do things. From the many festivals to exploring the Bayou, you can be sure a road trip is in the works. When traveling on the road, being in a comfortable and cozy environment makes a huge difference. For most travelers, having an RV is the only solution that can give you the comforts of home while away.

Having the right Baton Rouge, LA RV insurance policy that can meet your needs while providing the best coverage for your vehicle. Even though an RV may be considered a motor vehicle, it requires a specialized policy that has additional protections. Working with an independent agency who has in-depth information and is always available to answer any questions you may have and explain further details is important.

How does an RV policy differ from an auto policy?

While there are similarities because both operate with a motor, there are distinct differences. An RV is considered a recreational vehicle which makes it eligible for total loss replacement within the first five years of ownership. Coverage amounts are also higher, and a Baton Rouge, LA RV insurance policy covers road, campsite and fulltime coverage usage which can be suspended if the RV is in storage for certain periods of time. You can’t do that with an automobile. You have to be fully insured at all times.

We can help you understand these differences to get the right insurance coverage. Each state has specific insurance requirements, so having agents that can properly guide you in Louisiana is key. Get your coverage today!

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