Umbrella Insurance in Louisiana

In Baton Rouge, LA, umbrella insurance agents help residents boost their underlying policies’ coverages with a supplemental policy. Depending on an umbrella policy’s specific terms, it can provide additional protection for both residents who enjoy boating on the Mississippi River and people who spend their weekends at Webb Park Golf Course. No matter how you spend your free time, you should consider increasing your insurance limits with an umbrella policy.

Supplemental Coverage from Umbrella Insurance

Residents purchase umbrella insurance for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is to boost their underlying coverage. Auto, homeowners, boat and other types of insurance policies all come with maximum limits that cannot be exceeded. If you would like more protection than your primary policies provide, you can supplement their coverage with an umbrella policy. In many cases, one umbrella policy can supplement an auto, a homeowners and a boat policy.

Using an Independent Agent

If you don’t have an umbrella policy, you should talk with one of our independent agents (all of whom are licensed in Baton Rouge, LA). Umbrella insurance agents at our office are able to help questions that you might not find the answer to online. They’ll make sure you understand all the nuances of a policy before purchasing it, and they’ll be available well after you purchased the policy to help answer any other questions that arise in the future.

As mentioned, all of our agents are independent. This means they are free to shop policies offered by any insurer in Louisiana. They aren’t limited to only one company’s offerings.

If you live in Louisiana and would like help finding an affordable umbrella insurance policy, call us at David Cordell Insurance. One of our agents will be glad to answer any questions you have and begin comparing policies for you.

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